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The Best Newsreader for Mac

Friday March 16, 2007

Yes, I know it has been a very long time since I have attempted to blog. I’m not proud. It’s a shame really. The one or two people that read my blog last year might have missed my charming writing style and wordular prowess. That’s right, I said – well typed, actually – prowess! And yes, I know that wordular is not a word. But alas, those are tales for another day, and I will get into that in more detail in due time in future posts (at the rate I blog means sometime within the next seven months, so pace yourself!) For now, let’s just get on with it. My name is Chris, so nice to meet you again. I will be your host for today’s entry, one that involves a man and machines, and stubborn and silly insistence on the status quo.

I’m always the last to know. In fact, I might very well be one of the last computer/techie geeks to join this particular club. Sure, I’d been getting invites for years, but I brushed aside any serious and coherent thought of straying from my comfortable, workable, albeit shitty tedious solution. I’m talking getting my news, stats, and data on here.

I had put off using an RSS newsreader for years, as for some reason I was content with just having a multitude of tabs, workspaces, and multiple web browsers running for my daily news fix. Finally coming to the realization that my circa 1998 solution was on its last legs and quickly running out of steam – and my Mac out of available RAM – I began dabbling in newsreader software. That’s right. Nothing too drastic, really. Just an occasional dip here and there into how the other half was living. You know, just to see what was out there.

There are a lot of quality newsreader candidates available on the Mac platform. And that’s not even counting the stuff built into the browsers. I had tried a handful of them with no degree of success, usually following these steps:

  1. Within a tab of one of my three running web browsers, read about a newsreader application and how great it was and how it could save me time.
  2. Download and install said newsreader application.
  3. Adjust application’s preferences and settings.
  4. Add feeds to newsreader.
  5. Get frustrated by program’s lack of features and learning curve, or by the total ineptitude of the guy trying to use the program – most times it was the latter.
  6. Quit using newsreader program and go back to using shitty tedious browser “solution”.

About a month ago, I ran across Postino and it changed everything. For whatever reason, this newsreader’s features or my willingness to finally re-learn how to get my news/stats/data clicked. I’m a big fan of using just the keyboard to get around in an application, and Postino was allowing me to do that. For about a month this application was my first dedicated newsreader. I had finally joined the club…

And then I found Vienna. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that the MacUpdate feed threw it right at me, and within seconds I was downloading it. Within a half hour of installing Vienna, it became my new and improved newsreader. There was better keyboard shortcut functionality, and the browser implementation was great, with tabs, etc. The cost wasn’t bad, either, as it’s free. With Vienna becoming a default program in my Mac life – and earning the much coveted Dock entry to boot – I needed more ways to make it my own; Vienna Custom Styles was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve created a few PodShop styles for Vienna, which you can see below.

PodShop Flex Light Style for ViennaPodShop Flex Dark Style for ViennaPodShop Flex Light Style for Vienna WidescreenPodShop Flex Dark Style for Vienna Widescreen

If you’re a Vienna user, feel free to take these styles for a spin. You can download them here:

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Comments [8]

It is one of really useful programs for Mac. Thanks!

2719 days ago

I’m not a fan of Mac. IMHO, the PC is better.

2359 days ago

Nice post,
thank you.

Best regards: Joyfax Server

1677 days ago

Beguiling written work method and wordplay ability. Believe it or not, I supposed – very much write, really – ability.

109 days ago

Whilst there is profusion of news readers on the Mac, Reeder wins our hearts appreciation to its stunning and simple boundary, methodical integration with societal features, and incredible customizability.

108 days ago

I also used Mac and it is comfortable to use and easy to carry and I use Norton Antivirus to protect my mac from virus.

93 days ago

After long time you have posted any blog and this time it let me comment on your post although I am the regular reader of your blogs and I have read several blogs which were related to many things and I found your blog very interesting and this one is also in favor of it as the Mac is the best newsreader and I personally use the Mac for reading news.

82 days ago

It is a pleasure for me to read about Mac Machines because I love to use Mac book and I am a researcher and recently completed a research on portable computers, which is the perfect example of human-computer interaction.

5 days ago

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