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PodShop: More iDrops Reviews and Customer Service Feedback

Assorted Ramblings and Filings.

Welcome to the PodShop blog. Pull up a chair. Read. Write. Interact.

Rather than grow out the list on the Reviews and Feedback sidebar that adorns most of the site’s pages, I thought I would post a few more recent customer comments and reviews for iDrops, and their thoughts on PodShop’s customer service:

June 30, 2006


I spent a little more time this morning working on my iPod – it’s got not one noticeable scratch on it – NOT ONE!

To say I’m thrilled with your product is an understatement. My hope is that your site and product continue to grow. Your attention to customer service is quite refreshing. Of course, I would expect nothing less from a guy from Iowa!

Anyway, I’ll be writing up a review of your product and send it along to you later today. I’m going to be very honest about what I did/didn’t do – the results speak for themselves and I’m absoutley thrilled – tickled really.

Thanks again!



July 26, 2006

Hey there,

I received my order of iDrops in the mail today, and have already used them. So I just wanted to write and thank you guys so much for such wonderful service and an awesome product! It works really well, and I’m so happy that my iPod looks almost new again!

Kudos for fast shipment, friendly service, and a great product. I will recommend you to my friends!


July 27, 2006


I recently received the iDrops I ordered.

I just wanted to thank you for this great product and your free shipping even to the Netherlands!

The iDrops really do their job very well, and my heavily scratched iPod looks shiny again :)

What I also liked was the personal touch to the invoice, great job.

I will certainly order again at your shop!

Yours sincerely,

One happy iDrops user,


It’s so nice to get reaction and response like this. Emails and submitted Contact forms like this make my day. Thank you!

UPDATE: This blog post has become an ongoing feedback, review, and customer testimonial area for iDrops. Below in the Comments section, you will find even more iDrops reviews and customer testimonials. Feel free to add your own, and thanks again everyone!

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Comments [51]

I’ve tried other iPod cleaners all promising the same thing: “bring your ipod back to a brilliant shine”. Sadly, these other products—who shall remain nameless for the sake of competitive courtesy—never worked. Abrasions, scratches and deeper scuffing were the result.

After a while of debating whether or not to give another rival product a test, I finally decided to look into alternatives., through a Google search, had information about new “iDrops”, an up-start home business product that guaranteed the same thing.

After contemplating it some more (this IS an iPod we’re talking about, after all), I decided to give the new cleaner a try. For $10, the gamble wasn’t a dangerous one. Free shipping included, it only sweetened the deal.

Exactly three days later, my iDrops arrived in a small, neat envelope. Upon opening my statement, an ink message graced it—“Thanks, David”. A sign that this truly was a home business, and that the guy really believed in his stuff.

I took it home, excited, that I could begin watching my iPod video once again without squinting and ignoring scratches. I got a cotton towel and began to clean the iPod with the product. Buffing, following the online directions carefully for about 20-30 minutes, I found the product to work a treat.

For $10, this cleaner delivers on what it promises and excels itself. The product does its mission dutifully, guranteeing extended life of my $300 audio/video device.

It was a pleasant experience, to find a product that worked as advertised. Other cleaners don’t live up to their hype. iDrops, coupled with effective following of the instructions, is a powerful cleaner that comes highly reccomended from a humble iPod user.

3995 days ago

@ Dave:

Thanks for the feedback, Dave. I’m glad you like iDrops!

3994 days ago

I had some decent scratches on my 5g 60gb ipod video so i bought idrops figuring it was an affordable product so it was worth a try. After some work my ipod seriously looks new. unless you are really looking hard, you can’t tell there was ever any scratches and the few you can tell were kind of there were the really big ones. I would recommend this product to anyone. It does take some time and effort but I think it is definately worth it.

3974 days ago

I ordered iDrops I think probably in August 2006. I did a little research on all these type of products but the free shipping and great price is what enticed me. My package arrived extremely quickly an I appreciated the personal invoice. I followed the instructions and used this product with a soft cloth (comes with a dropper built in right onto the lid) not only with a barely scratched new iPod Video but with an extremely scratched screen on a used iPod Mini. After twenty minutes of rubbing accordimg to the directions on the iPod Video, all scratches disappeard, and after 45 minutes on the extremely scratched screen of the iPod Mini, there was great improvement. I don’t think anything could remove the deep scratches on the iPod Mini screen completely (wish I had not purchased that used iPod Mimi).

The personal touch from the seller and the free shipping and the great product makes purchasing this product (at a great price) worry free.

Not to worry, your experience will be extremely pleasant.

Constance in Braselton, GA, right outside of Atlanta.

3973 days ago

I am a professional photographer and use my iPod to show and sell my pictures, so it is a must that the pictures on the iPod show as clear as possible. My 60GB Ipod was getting pretty scuffed up through use so I bought another one last week. At the same time, I heard about iDrops and ordered 2 bottles – one for me and one for a friend. Happily I have to report that I returned the new 60GB iPod yesterday because the iDrops removed ALL the scuffs and scratches from the one I already had. The iDrops saved me $400.00!!! THANK YOU iDrops!!!

Jerry Abraham
3973 days ago

@ Luke and Constance:

Thank you for your feedback! I’m so glad to hear that iDrops worked so well for you!

@ Jerry:

I’m thrilled to hear about the money you saved by using iDrops, and thanks for sharing your experience!

3964 days ago

Hello, and thank you!

I ordered the iDrops about an month ago, and didn’t really know what to expect. My iPod had some pretty serious deep scuffs on the screen, which made watching the videos rather unenjoyable. Being fed-up with the sorry state of my iPod, I came across iDrops.

After opening the package, I took out the invoice which had a nice, hand written “Thanks, Timothy!”. After reading the directions, and about a hour worth of constant polishing, the layered (and highly annoying) scuffs were removed.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone, both those with deep scuffs, and even those trying to preserve a long-lasting nice look.

Thanks again,
Baltimore, MD

Tim Schatz
3955 days ago

@ Tim:

Hey Tim, thanks for the iDrops feedback. Great to hear that you can view your videos in clarity now!

3948 days ago

After a negative review of this product on a customer service rep contacted me. He was concerned that I wasn’t satisfied w/the product. He gave me some tips on how to use it and it worked. While I still have a few scratches on my iPod, it has improved in appearance quite a bit. I’m impressed w/ both the product and the personal attention I received from this company.

3927 days ago

I really had my doubts but this stuff is AMAZING! I got it originally for my husbands new i580 cell phone (outside window had deep scratches). We were shocked at how well it worked. So we decided to try it on my husbands (who’s an auto technician) severly scratched $7,000.00 Snap On Modis scan tool. It worked great. Now I have all his co-workers wanting me to do their different scanners etc..!

It does take some time (we used large cotton balls which worked great) but WELL worth the effort. And the bottle still looks full. We do not have an iPod but can find several other products this will come in handy for. For the price try it-you will not be disappointed!

Thanks so much for this product & the personal service.

Shannon Morris
3883 days ago

When I bought idrops a while ago, I tried once, then gave up. I e-mailed podshop about the problem I was happening. Chris, emailed me back very quickley and told me the correct way to do it. The customer support is the best I have seen. Finally, after about 45 minutes, I got all of the scratches off. There wasn’t one notible scratch left!
thanks podshop for your idrops but most importantly, your customer support. I completely recomend this product.

3876 days ago

I have never in my life been so incredibly satisfied with a product that I felt compelled to write a letter of thanks. Until now.

My darling 3 year old daughter decided to use a black Sharpie marker on the top of my 2-month old MacBook. The sheer thought of the act still makes me cringe. I tried several gentle cleaners to remove the marks to no avail (only later did I learn that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser may have done the trick). Out of sheer desperation, I finally used a chemical that I knew would damage the acrylic surface of my MacBook. I didn’t care. I just didn’t want to see the black scribble anymore. So, chemical to computer I wiped off the marker. For weeks I touched the scar and fumed. Then I found out about iDrops. I decided to give it a try, but I wasn’t holding out much hope because this was more than a scratch. The acrylic surface had been “eaten” by this harsh chemical. Much to my amazement your product is working! I’ve been buffing the scratches for nearly an hour and what an improvement! The lightest area of damage is totally healed and the worst part is significantly better. I know with a little more iDrops, elbow grease and time my Macbook will be as good as new. Who would have imagined!

Thank you for making such an amazing product!

P.S. I love your website design

Melissa G.
3855 days ago

I am writing you from Iran. Yesterday, I received iDrop from one of my friends in US. I was so sad about my iPod nano and its scratches. Last night, everything changed in just 20 minutes! My nano is recovered! I really appreciate your solution.

3854 days ago

Great product! For any Mac fan who wants to keep their Apple products in shape, this is a must buy!

3806 days ago

The moment I saw iDrops in a computer retail store in my country, I badly wanted to try it but I couldn’t afford it because it was overpriced.. close to $40! So I searched the net for it and came across the podShop’s eBay page. In the end, I got it for only $15 (inclusive of shipping to Singapore).. And all the effort of purchasing it online was well worth it.. This bottle of liquid worked wonders! And I’m not just going to stress on how good the product is, podShop shipped the item to me at such an affordable price and in such a short time. You get the best of both if you were to order directly from podShop. Great service and a great product!

3798 days ago

As some of you may know, the Xbox 360 has had its share of hardware issues. One such issue is when you have a disc playing while it’s upright and move the unit so it sits flat it creates a perfectly circular scratch, rendering the affected region of the disc unreadable. One would think they could implement some sort of mechanism that would prevent this from occurring. This happened to my copy of GH2 when I rocked too hard. Microsoft replaces their games for around $20 but since its an Activision title we’re talking about here that option wasn’t available. You probably know where I’m going with this. I applied iDrops to the cd, buffing rigorously around the scratched area and while I could still see the scratch ring on the cd, the disc healed enough to be readable. Thanks to iDrops, I can continue to rock (but only on easy or medium mode).

3727 days ago

Long story short.

A sentimental fool by nature, I purchased a shiny new Swatch on a recent trip to New York. I hadn’t owned a Swatch in over 15 years and bought a very pretty one in Soho. Later that afternoon, I was meandering through the New York Public Library and walked into a marble column, scratching my brand new Swatch’s face. Through somewhat unusual circumstances, I was introduced to Chris who makes this fabulous product and might I be the first to say that it works on Swatches too!

Excellent service, fast shipping, and finally, a product that does what it says it’s going to do.


Pleased as punch
Gilbert, AZ

Carrie S.
3725 days ago

Just one word describes the work done by iDrops: GREAT. Amazing results in no more than 10 minutes (in my case), removed two medium scratches close to the home button. Highly recommended.

Marco A. Manzo
3112 days ago

After owning my brand new iPhone 3G for only 3 DAYS the screen was scratched by a poorly designed case (sold to me by AT&T).

So here I am, brand new iPhone that I ADORE (as far as I’m concerned I will NEVER need a laptop again) with a 50mm horizontal scratch towards the bottom of the screen.

Sigh, it is with much anticipation that I await my bottle of iDrops and desperately hope that it fixes a heart-breaking scratch on an essentially brand new device!

3044 days ago

I am going to buy a friends iphone 3g but it has some scratches and was wondering if idrops actually works.

3044 days ago

I bought Idrops through the podshop on amazon. I was kind of skeptical about the product, as I read of no solutions for IPHONE scratches. But to my amazement within 5 minutes of buffing with a Q-tip ALL SCRATCHES WERE GONE, even very deep surface scratches.

Fast Service, Great product, keep up the good work.


Nathaniel Brunt
3037 days ago

idrops rules!My ipod is perfect once againandis now sealed in an Invisible Shield & Otterbox case.Thanks for being part of my ipod preservation.Remember folks,patience & elbow grease!

3036 days ago

I had such a wonderful experience buying from you! My shipment apparently got lost in the mail and you were so willing to help me sort it out when it wasn’t even your issue! Oh…and the drops are excellent! I will definitley be back for all my iPod needs! Thanks for everything!

3032 days ago

I recently purchased idrops from podshop and was very pleased, a product that actually does what it claims… refreshing! I actually purchased this for some scratches that were on my laptop pc and it made them much less noticeable. I did have to do the entire area, though it did not take a lot of the product. The scratches were on and around the hand rest area, and I used the idrops repeated times until I began to notice a difference. Thanks for this!!

Frances Dodson
3014 days ago

Wow! I took some q-tips and scrubbed away while watching a movie. I had a couple of serious scratches on my Iphone and many small ones. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I made my purchase but I thought what the hell it’s worth a shot. It does take a while with deep scratches, but iDrops WORKS! Believe it! It also comes with a lifetime supply if you use it for your phone because you don’t use all that much. Highly recommended!

2890 days ago

i purchased idrops about 2 weeks ago and i first tried it on the clickwheel of my ipod nano and there were some scratches from my keys that had come into contact with the surface. and i was happy to see that after applying idrops about 3 times the scratches were completely gone. i have used it on my MacBook, i am the proud owner of 7 iPods and i am happy to say i have great results on all of them removing scratches and bringing back the shine to the metals. but i would haver to say the greatest result i have had so far what with my PlayStation 3 there were 2 very deep scratches on the front just below the PlayStation 3 logo and i didn’t know how they got there. so i tried idrops and after 6 applications those deep scratches were gone and my PlayStation 3 looks almost brand new. i am very pleased with this product and will be recommending it to anyone and my PlayStation 3 looks amazing great job on this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephen pulman
2630 days ago

iDrops was a lifesaver for me! I bought it thinking that it wasn’t going to work, and it exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks again for the amazing product!

Grant Zinn
2519 days ago

I purchased a bottle of iDrops for use on my iPhone4 because your site said it worked with this model.

I used it exactly according to the instructions provided, and it did remove smaller scratches.

However, the iPhone4’s glass is also treated so it resists fingerprints—iDrops also removed this treatment.

The end result is that while the scratches are taken care of, the backplate looks much worse than when I started—fingerprints stick to it extremely easily, and you can easily see the outlines of the area treated with iDrops with even a casual brush of one’s fingers on the area.

Due to the contrast with the area still affected by the anti-fingerprint treatment, it constantly looks more scuffed and scratched than it is.

Now, I realize you only make claims about the product’s ability to remove scratches and nothing else. You even qualify it by saying it doesn’t work miracles. Fair enough.

I wouldn’t recommend it for use with an iPhone4 though.

2456 days ago


Just a quick question. I ordered your iDrops for my Palm Pre Plus, which is only 3 months old. Unfortunately, my phone took a dive onto pavement and landed face first. (the palm pre Plus advertised the same plastic as the iPhone 3g) My phone had deep gouges/gashes in the lower area reaching up to the screen and in the gesture area.

I realize scratches this deep are nearly impossible to fix completely, and so far with an 1 hour worth of work the gouges have become thinner and scratch like, instead of deep chunks.

This improvement makes me very happy, but I was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions as to how I could use your product to obtain better results?

Thanks so much!

Lisa F.
2441 days ago

I bought an iPod nano 6th gen (the teeny tiny touch screen one) and scratched it a little bit. Most of the damage were fine scratches, and two deeper ones. I ordered the iDrops in hopes of fixing the damage, and based on customer reviews it seemed good to try. I was very happy with the results! It got rid of the finer scratches and significantly improved the two deeper ones. The one thing to understand is that it takes a while of repeating the polishing to get the results. If you have some patience, it is definitely worth it!

2403 days ago

Hey, firstly thanks for the quick delivery it took only a few weeks to reach me here in England! your product works brilliantly on my iPod Touch it has removed all the scratches, but it seems to pick up more fingerprints and be a tad slower when swiping on the screen, but this may be erased with more buffing?

Josh Graham (UK)
2362 days ago

I ordered iDrops after I somehow managed to deeply scratch my month-old iPad. I was devastated, to say the least! Persistence truly is the key to making sure that it works properly. I spent approximately 2 hours rubbing the scratch out. It’s to the point where it’s almost impossible to see. It was a pretty deep scratch, so I wasn’t expecting a miracle. But it worked! And considering how much money I spent on my iPad, the cost of the iDrops was minimal.

Don’t be afraid! Order it today, you won’t be sorry.

Thank you for saving my iPad!

2344 days ago

I have a Question please, I need an answer before I screw up. I am giving my Ipod 3g to my girlfriend, I want it to look almost new, I took good care of it but it has some very light scratches on the screen, I already ordered this product and I am waiting for it. so my question is: can this product also work in the metal back of a Ipod touch? I dont want to try it then end up with a harden glass-like back that still has a million scratches, please! I need advice! thank you!!

2301 days ago

Thank you for your purchase of iDrops, and for taking the time to contact PodShop!

iDrops is primarily for use on the acrylic/plastic and glass surfaces of the iPod, iPhone and iPad; however, it can safely be used to remove light scratches and blemishes from the chrome back side – but not deep or severe scratches.

Additionally, you will want to avoid using iDrops and buffing on the etched Apple logo and text, as the tarnish that builds up on chrome from normal everyday use could darken the etched areas.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

2301 days ago

a few weeks ago i stabbed my macbook pro computer screen ON ACCIDENT (it didnt cause the crystals in the screen to have problems but there was a good ding in it) and was freaking out since I just got it for graduation a few weeks ago. I saw iDrops and said i would give it a try THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED EVER!!!!!!! all it took was four drops and BAM it was gone i was so amazed i spent 45 min removing every little scratch from my computer its addicting if you have a scratch or like me stabbed your computer BUY THIS PRODUCT you will not regret it

2209 days ago

does it work on the back of an ipod touch 2nd/3rd gen 8gb ????

Tim Leech
2083 days ago

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your interest in iDrops, and for taking the time to contact PodShop!

Regarding your question about using iDrops on the chrome back of your iPod touch, please see my previous reply at comment 34. I have also emailed the response to you directly.

2083 days ago

Does this work on the iPhone 4s?

2061 days ago

Hi Julia,

Yes, iDrops can be used on the iPhone 4s. I have also emailed the response to you directly for your convenience.

2053 days ago

hello I just purchased a used iPad on amazon and noticed there was a scratch on the screen about 1mm long do you think this product will take out the scratch??

1696 days ago

Will idrops work on the iPhone 5?

1620 days ago

Does Idrop work on small scratches on the iPhone 5 without damaging any layers of the screen?

1563 days ago

Do you think this product will work on the nav touch screen in my truck?? I have few medium deep scratches on it

Chris Leger
1515 days ago

I have a new iPad mini. There is a scratch on its screen compliments of my children. Will this product remove this scratch without damaging my screen?

1509 days ago

Wwwoooowwww!!! I was so disappointed when I discovered my diamond stud earrings were etching the glass of my iPhone (yes, fact! apparently this can happen!). I’ve only had my phone one month and treat it like a baby, so even though the scratches were very minor and could barely be seen, my OCD was going crazy over this. I was totally skeptical at first about this product till a friend of mine said she uses iDrops and it worked on a pretty decent size scratch on her iPhone. I pretty much take her word as gold so I went ahead and ordered a bottle of my own. I’ve been working on it off and on throughout the day and I have to say the scratches are definitely becoming less visible. I feel a few more go-arounds on this and they’ll either be gone or down to a point where they don’t bug me anymore. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase and I HIGHLY recommend this product!

1345 days ago

well, i paid for this “idrops” thing and got the in the mail after 7 days and to be honest, it actually dosent work!!
i see all of you guys happy with your results using this..
but for me it dosent work (pretty disappointed) it is just like the other “fake” scratch removers

may this website is faking the comments, i dont know..but if you see this comment; it means that it dosent..
any tips for using this?!
unhappy idrops user
1137 days ago

Hi. where I can get parts online for my iPad mini, in my city are not achieved?

322 days ago

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18 days ago

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