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Busy and Buzzy

Wednesday July 26, 2006

What a busy month it has been! After the launch of the new site late last month, I have been extremely busy fielding emails, questions, and responses (for both PodShop products and the updated website), have been interviewed by Matthew Smith of TXP Magazine, and of course, have been happily and graciously processing, filling, and shipping every order as quick as I can (all orders are usually processed, filled, and shipped the same day that the order is placed). Thank you to everyone interested in PodShop, its products, and especially to all the new customers that I have been fortunate to welcome over the last month.

Over the last month, has been mentioned on the following sites:

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The boost in web traffic has been very much appreciated, as it is definitely exciting to have PodShop getting some good buzz. Once I can begin to grasp the intricacies of branding, – not the kind with hot metal and bovine, the other one – advertising, and promotion, perhaps I can keep things on a roll. Marketing has always been such a difficult thing for me to wrap my head around. Any marketing gurus out there want to chime in with any tips?

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Comments [10]

Well done man. It was a great interview and you fielded the questions well, I’m glad you are finding the new business successul. Keep in touch.

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It’s a huge assessment as no one identify who put the correct/incorrect card in the covering and you promptly know if they have got it.

108 days ago

Much thanks to you to everybody intrigued by PodShop, its items, and particularly toward all the innovative clients with the purpose of I enclose be lucky to welcome in the course of the most recent month.

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