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PodShop: Press Release: June 27, 2006

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Press Release: June 27, 2006

Tuesday June 27, 2006

Just in case any blog readers might be interested… you can get iDrops for $11.95 through July 4th.

PodShop Celebrates Independence Day with New Website and Sale

Council Bluffs, Iowa – June 27, 2006 – PodShop (, makers of specialized accessories for portable audio electronics and computing devices, announced today that it is celebrating Independence Day a week early with the launch of the company’s new website, and a special sale price on iDrops, its cleaning, polishing, and scratch-removing product.

Christopher Anderson, the entrepreneur that founded the one-man business in late 2002 stated “A refresh of the website has been long overdue, and I felt it was time to break free of the boxed software site creation programs and start over from scratch. I wanted to give the site uniqueness and character. I wanted it to be inviting and to have a life of its own, and to be a place that people would actually want to visit, unlike the previous versions of the site. Yuck.”

Anderson felt it necessary to break free of the limitations and nuances of typical website creation software, opting to explore and learn the power and flexibility of CSS and XHTML. The new site was designed and hand coded by the company’s sole employee and features XHTML and CSS exclusively, with the ultimate intent being a fresh, Web standards-based presentation for the company and its products.

To coincide with the launch of the company’s new website, PodShop is also offering iDrops, the cleaning, polishing, and scratch removing solution introduced in 2004, at a sale price of $11.95 until July 4th.

PodShop also continues to offer free worldwide shipping on all of its products.

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Comments [7]

Hi All,

Love the new design, but what’s with the pixelated green monster-type-thing in the top right? Is it going to eat me?

3995 days ago

Site looks marvelous! Amazing! The menu is quite unique. Shame to be viewed IE.

Al Davis
3995 days ago

@ Ross: Thanks! The pixelated peapods are an attempt to profess love for the old school gaming system of yore – the NES – and all of the late nights it provided geeky kids.

@ Al: Thanks! Yes, older versions of IE (less than version 6) don’t look so hot with the new site design, but they should be fine in version 6 or the 7 beta (with the exception of the product images on the iDrops and PodHolder pages. There’s still tweaking to do to get the dark transparency to fill the entire screen when the larger image loads.)

Thanks for the feedback on the site. I really appreciate it!

3994 days ago


819 days ago

thanks for this. great info

81 days ago

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61 days ago

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Jess Cameron
37 days ago

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